Massage during pregnancy can be very helpful and beneficial. It can help relieve tension or relieve stress symptoms. A professionally performed pregnancy massage can be extremely beneficial. Back pain associated with pregnancy can also be treated with massage. The practitioner must be informed about the pregnancy.

Massage is a part of physical therapy and is carried out by massage therapists or physiotherapists. It is usually applied with the hands (manually) or with aids (vibration device, underwater massage, ultrasound). By stroking, rubbing, kneading or other handles, muscles, skin and connective tissue can be positively affected by pressure and tensile stimuli. Tensions are released and the massaged area is temporarily supplied with more blood.

The midwife can also help with the symptoms of the pregnant woman with a massage during pregnancy. Even between contractions or during childbirth, a midwife with massage of the perineum or manual therapy at the pelvis can facilitate the birth.

A light massage on the neck by the partner can also help a pregnant woman to reduce stress and tension. Quite a few partners have the talent and empathy to massage their wife well and effectively. There is a lot of literature in the trade about partner massage. Often, simply laying on a warm hand or lightly stroking can be a very effective measure. Aromatic oils with soothing fragrances also allow the pregnant woman to relax. Many women find hand and foot massages very pleasant. The partner can support her even during the birth. Schedule and appointment today at Fresno Massage Therapy for a relaxing session.