Deep tissue massage is thought to be one of the most therapeutic and beneficial techniques available today. While this process is similar to Swedish massage, our massage therapist will use deeper pressure, slow strokes, and deep finger pressure applied to contracted fascia, tendons, and muscles. This is done to help release patterns of chronic tension build up present in your body.

The Deep Tissue Massage Process

The effectiveness of this method of massage is believed to lie in the pressure and techniques used. When applied properly by our professional staff, you can feel confident that it will alleviate painful conditions while improving wellness. This massage method will help to ease inflammation that’s responsible for pain that could be the result of blocked nutrients or oxygen to the muscle tissue that is under stress. Without massage services, the toxins will build up in your tissue and muscles, increasing pain and discomfort. After a massage session, this tension and pain can be eliminated.

​Who Benefits from Deep Tissue Massage?

This method of massage therapy can help to break up scar tissue along with stuck muscle fibers. It’s also beneficial for treating sports injuries and other types of injuries you may suffer from, such as whiplash or injuries and pain from a fall. A deep tissue massage will also help relieve cases of chronic pain. It will be useful for remedying cases of limited mobility and for increasing your range of motion.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are also studies that have stated a deep tissue massage is beneficial for those with high blood pressure, along with individuals who suffer from chronic neck or back pain. Contact our team of professionals to schedule an appointment to see if this form of massage therapy can benefit your condition.